We have gathered professional production staff anddesigners to provide best service with our custom-ers.

We hope to create more possibilities for cus-tomers.We control the entire design process, from cus-tomer consultation to customer ordering, we have aprofessional team responsible for it,and we adhereto the principle of focus.Every team focuses ontheir project until it is completed. During the proj-ect, the business manager supervised each processthroughout the whole process, and solved variousproblems in the project in time.

From consultation to confirmation of details,we can provide 3D renderings to customers on thesame day as soon as possible, and show the needsof customers at the fastest speed and with the besteffect.

our company actively improves equipment,succes-sively introduces international production equip-ment,improves production technology, strengthensproduction management,and constantly improvesand perfects the management system to make prod-uct quality reach the international leading level.

We believe that details determine the qualityof products,and we strictly supervise every iink ofproduction and never let defective equipment en-danger the safety and health of children! For morethan ten years, it is this belief that make our brandrecognized.

Introduce international advanced equipmentand production technology,strictly control all as-pects of design and production, and each productis inspected layer by layer in accordance with inter-national safety standards to ensure the quality ofall entertainment facilities, to ensure non-toxic,harmless,health and safety.

We have a professional inspection and testingworkshop,and an independent inspection team isresponsible for the quality of the product, from theoverall shape of the 'product, to the leaking and oc-cluding state of the product, and the details of theproduct (zippers, stitching, fixing buckles,slidingcloth,etc.) to test whether this product is qualified.

All our products have passed air leak detectionand on-site testing to ensure that the productsmeet safety standards.Our products have passedthird-party certification, CE 'certification, and meetthe European standard EN14960.If the test certifi-cate is needed, we can provide them for you.

For product packaging, we use a PvC material is exquisite in appearance, strong and durable,and can protect the product. We will paste theproduct's photo on the appearance for easy recog-nition product.

Since many of them are shipped to foreign coun-tries,in terms of shipping, we have professionalpacking and shipping personnel. We try to reducethe volume and size of the products as much aspossible, so as to save more cost for customers.

We provide customers with the best services andsolutions.All emails or faxes are responded within24 hours; we always confirm with customers,so thatthey can learn the real situation. In the case of thesame service and product quality, our price is stillcompetitive.In terms of delivery, after receiving thebalance payment,we will arrange the delivery. ifthere are special circumstances, the delivery cannotbe completed in time, our sales team will communi-cate with the customer 1~2 days in advance to ex-plain the situation.

ln terms of after-sales service,all of our prod-ucts is equipped with a repair kit. The warranty is 3years from the receiving the goods. lf you have anyquestions, please contact us in time.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.