How to Make a Chinese Sliding Knot

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The Chinese sliding knot is an adjustable coil-based design. This can be pretty useful if you desire ought invent adjustable necklaces or bracelets. The knot is simple, though it can receive some drill ought improve it. read above ought learn how!

1. Tying the Knot

1) invent a U-shape.Pull a desire line into a "U" or horseshoe shape. accordingly that the ends are near together.

2) draw the line into a loose loop. draw one goal past the other accordingly that they overlap by approximately four inches (10 cm). The overlapping ends ought situate comparable ought one another.

3) Double uphold the outside line end. curve the souvenir and spend it uphold along the exterior of the loop. You don't want ought fulfill anything with the inner comparable end.

4) Pinch the ends together ought list a few loop. contain the inner goal of the line together with the looped-back outside end. You ought be holding three comparable "layers" of the line at the thickest point. invent sure that you dine plenty of additional line at the outside end: you will employ this ought finish the knot. draw the goal of the line with one hand, and pinch the loops together with the other.

5) Wrap the loose outside goal of the line nearly entire three "layers." Wrap it over, then below – no under, then over. It strength assist ought employ your predominant or most dexterous hand.

6) Coil the line nearly the loop. own wrapping the loose goal nearly entire three other layers of cord. Wrap at least 2-3 times, until you also flow out of line or cover approximately entire of the "three-layered" section. be careful no ought cross the coil at itself, or you will fasten a messy knot.

7) nourish the goal of the line along the loop at the goal of the coil. You don't want much – the knot is approximately finished. invent sure that there is enough line protruding that it is no at danger of slipping out.

8) win the knot. Slide the "coil" at the remaining section of loop ought win it. You can want ought pinch the precise side of the large loop with the ring and pinkie fingers of one hand.

2. Testing and Expanding the Knot

1) Slide the finished knot ought examination it. It ought encounter easily. be careful no ought Slide it precise off the release goal of the cord. deem tying a well knot at the identical souvenir of the sliding end. This way, the length of the string will be adjustable, besides you will no be able ought accidentally Slide the string out of the knot.

2) invent two sliding knots. deem flipping the line at and repeating the knot above the non-knotted end. This will desert you with two sliding knots that can be pulled together or apart although needed, making a big closed loop. This is the create that nation employ although making jewelry.

3) adapt the cord. draw the two knots closer together ought loosen the cord. draw the two knots farther apart ought tighten.

4) deem making a necklace or bracelet. The sliding knot is big although creating foolish jewelry that is meant ought be tightened. trial slipping beads or charms onto the line ago you fasten it.
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